Company Profile

Company Profile

Guaranteeing that your company operates at peak performance is our goal. To be able to detect, correct and prevent impending downtime for your business is our objective.

With headquarters in Puerto Rico and offices in the Dominican Republic and Mexico, Vibra is the largest reliability service organization in the Caribbean and Latin America as demonstrated by our outstanding and successful track record. In the present highly competitive global market, we rely on our vast knowledge and technical experience to assist companies on their continuous efforts to increase and maximize efficiency.

From vibration, oil, ultrasound, thermographic and electric motor circuit analysis to laser alignment diagnostics and repairs, Vibra is the leader that keeps your company running at peak performance.

As a Reliability Services leader, we offer higher work capacity and technical experience than any other company in our field. Constant innovation, integrated and adjusted to satisfy the needs of our customers, allows us to achieve the greatest efficiency in any operation.

Our Asset Condition Monitoring, Reliability Consulting services, On-site corrective/repair services, Equipment Deliveries and Product Support Services' quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified.  Download the certificate here (PDF).


About Us

Since 1994, Vibra has provided companies, large and small, with the knowledge and technical expertise necessary to achieve higher levels of reliability. At Vibra, we believe the way to achieve excellence in our field is sheer hard work. This industrious work ethic, in addition to complete focus on our clients, has driven us to become the biggest provider of reliability services in the Caribbean, and Latin America. Our main goal is to continue providing our clients with reliability engineering solutions in an efficient and professional manner.

You need to keep on the go. We make sure you do.

After detailed assessment and planning, we provide you with a wide array of services and products that will keep your business running at peak performance. From Condition-Based Monitoring, Reliability-Lean Engineering Consulting Services, Training Services & On-Site Repairs, Vibra’s enhanced vision of detailed planning incorporates maintenance based on priorities.



Transform the way the industry performs maintenance.


Be the leader in process optimization and reliability services in the Caribbean and Latin America.